Animal Farm (George Orwell)

We'll begin Animal Farm very shortly after we return from Thanksgiving Break. You should secure a copy and have it with you in class no later than Wednesday, December 2nd. We'll be finished with it on December 14th, so we're moving quickly.

The Story So Far...

May I be blunt?

Most of you are bright enough to handle whatever material is thrown at you in this class. Far too many of you lack even the most basic sense of personal responsibility, initiative, or anything close to a 'go around the leaf' mentality.

I'm not talking to those of you who already lose way too much sleep and put far too much time and energy into maintaining that 107%. You could actually probably chill out a bit. I mean, I love you all, but... it's just school.

Graphic Organizers

So far you've done (or mostly done) THREE graphic organizers intended for use the rest of this semester - The Constitution, The Amendments, and Major Supreme Court Cases.

Silent Reading, 'Book of Choice'

For the next three Silent Reading Fridays (one of which is technically a Thursday), all Intro to Pre-AP and Pre-AP students will be allowed/required/expected to arrive prepared with a Book of Choice (BOC) to read. The goal of such crazy freedom is to promote my conviction that READING is GOOD. All reading. All good. Yay it is to read.

Miss Representation

One of the most difficult elements of American culture to step back and analyze is the impact and influence of media on every part of our lives – our buying habits, voting patterns, social interactions, and even the images we form of ourselves. Because we are so immersed in the daily deluge, perspective is difficult—and it is difficult to discuss, debate, or change that of which we are largely unaware.  

Required Viewing

There are several new 'Required Viewing' Videos posted. 'The Client' movie trailer is optional for all hours, and provided solely as a 'teaser' for classes just starting the book.

The John Green video (yes, THAT John Green) summarizing the Articles of Confederation, the writing of the U.S. Constitution, and the Federalist Papers is REQUIRED VIEWING for ALL CLASSES.

The Client (John Grisham)

When we finish Lord of the Flies, we'll move straight into The Client. It's not as meaty as LOTF, so there won't be a Discussion Forum for this one and most students find it to be an easier read. 

You should start coming up with a plan to procure a copy. Barnes & Noble has them, and it's a popular and somewhat dated title, so used copies abound. I also have some to check out, but I NEED CONTACT FROM A PARENTAL UNIT SOONER RATHER THAN LATER. Don't wait until the night before you need it to tell anyone, silly.

Lord of the Flies Discussion Forum & Quiz Improvement

Posted 8/31/15    Updated 9/14/15

All Intro to Pre-AP and Pre-AP students are expected to participate in our Discussion Forum over Lord of the Flies as we read. You SHOULD see a link to the 'Forums' when you're logged in; you won't see it when you're not. If, for some strange reason, you're not seeing a link on the main page even when you ARE logged in (like on the two student computers in my classroom), just add /forum to the URL from the home page, or click here:

Mr. Koehn's Class Webpage

The Learning Happens In The Struggle

You've found it, it seems.

Most of this site is self-explanatory. The Syllabus can be found by selecting 'Syllabus' from the Main Menu, and the Agenda for each week can be located under 'Agenda'. Great system, yes?

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