New Required Viewing Posted (Videos)

Normally I'd include something about the time of year and how if you're going to pass this class you need to  be thinking about this or doing that, but let's be honest - despite my ongoing insistence, only about a third of you will read this website or watch these videos no matter what I say - and you're the ones doing well anyway. So I'll spare you the exhortations.

New videos are posted. They'll make class easier. I'd start at the bottom and work your way up for a slightly more semi-chronological order.

Remaining Reading (updated)

I've posted the 'Project Options' for your Approved Book of Choice. You can find them on the Agenda for Monday, March 30th, or on the DOCS page. Due April 20th. 

Some of you have asked what other books we're reading this semester. I haven't decided exactly what to do for 2nd hour, but for all other hours - the Intro to Pre-AP and Pre-AP classes - we have two books left.

April 6th - 20th

The basic plan for the next two weeks is this: CONTENT. Some book work, some lecture, maybe a quiz or two to keep us honest and on track. You also have a project over your Approved Book of Choice due on April 20th.

Agenda / Books of Choice (Week of March 9th)

Obviously the weather has thrown off our viewing schedule for DWW a bit. That's OK, but it does mean I should clarify a few things:

* The DWW Questions some of you will be required to answer will be distributed on Tuesday when we finish the film. I figure we plow through and finish before moving on. 

* Please read this week's Agenda. If you ask me about it out loud in class, you'll receive a zero for the week as you are OBVIOUSLY not paying ANY ATTENTION to this website or the Agenda no matter how many times I beg you. 

New Videos

There are new 'Required Viewing' videos posted. Don't just blow through them once, kinda - maybe, I don't remember if I did or not.

Take 10 minutes and watch them. 

Watch the first one again a few times. 

It's not another attempt to crush you - I'm delusionally hoping you might find these interesting or helpful :-)

Book Choices

We're going to do the Book Choice thing one more time - and it's next. I've posted guidelines and a list of options to the 'DOCS' page for your consideration. There will be a small culminating assignement this time, but nothing too painful. Some of you may be able to get out of even that. Details later.

6th/7th Hours - Before You Post Again...

The following students from 6th/7th Hour are not required to post a third post in the True Grit Discussion Forum based on their grades on the first two quizzes and the first two Discussion Forum posts. They will automatically receive 50/50 for the 3rd post.

You are welcome to post if you just can't help yourself, but if you do so, it will be graded as normal. Otherwise, this one is covered for... 

(I know - the suspense is killing ME TOO!!!)

Skills / Theses / DJs

Your SKILLS grade should ALWAYS be 100%.

If you do not have a perfect grade for both of the Dialectic Journal grades, you already know what to do - make a point of showing me the DJ you're doing over OK10 and the CWinIT article when I'm at my desk and have computer access. 

Get Me to the Forum!

For some bizarre reason, some computers are not showing the link to get to our Discussion Forum even when you're logged in. The classroom student computers in my room are guilty of this, as are some of yours at home.

Of course I assumed those who'd asked were doing something silly, but it's been shown to me and whadyaknow? It's true.

If you're having trouble getting to the Forums:

True Grit (Charles Portis)

The first book we'll be reading this semester is True Grit by Charles Portis. You should procure a copy before Friday, January 30th and bring it to class that day. If you need to check out a copy from me, I need an email from a parental unit - sooner rather than later. I have some to check out, but not unlimited quantities.


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