Fixing Posts (Pre-AP Only)

For the week of May 8th - 14th ONLY, if you received (on May 8th) anything less than full credit for either the Effort/Completion or the Skills part of your post, you may simply redo it on the same thread. This applies even if you did multiple posts before May 8th. 

If you're REDOING a post, reply to your original post and include the term "REDO" in the Subject of your post. 

Posts made this week (May 8th and later) will be graded ONCE, and only if on time.

Grade Calculations (Update)

Check Your Grade. Something recently got wonky with the way grades were calculated in several classes. It's probably a setting I accidentally changed, but it's been fixed. At least, I think it's been fixed. 

For many of you, you won't even notice. If your three categories were all pretty similar, it won't have mattered. For some of you, your grade just jumped up several percentage points; for others, it dropped. The new grade is what you ACTUALLY had anyway, it just wasn't being displayed / computed properly. Now it is. 

SKILLS Grades / Crossword Quizzes

You may still make up any SKILLS grade from this semester which is less than perfect. New documents and articles will be attached to the Agenda for the weeks of April 3rd - 21st. To avoid confusion about what we're doing in class, I'm only posting it on Saturday / Sunday dates.

At the risk of stating the obvious, choose a Primary Source you haven't done and which we didn't do in your class to redo an APARTY grade; choose an article you haven't read before to redo Mark-Ups or anything else.

Week of 2/5/17 - Reboot

OK. For anyone who cares enough to pay attention to these announcements, here's what we're going to do.

I ended up gone most of last week, some of which was planned, but most of which wasn't. I should be back Monday, but as of Saturday afternoon still feel like an extended Mucinex commercial is having a bar fight in my face. It's not pleasant. I haven't been checking email or responding to messages, and I apologize. On the other hand, shut up - I'm dying over here. 

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (L. Frank Baum)

The next book we'll read in Pre-AP OK History is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (L. Frank Baum). And yes, there's actually a reason related to Oklahoma History - go figure. 

You should procure a copy of the book no later than Friday, Feb. 17th. Barnes & Noble by Woodland Hills Mall will have extra copies, and it's a ridiculouslyl easy book to find pretty much everywhere - any bookstore, online, used, new, the library, etc. 

True Grit (Charles Portis)

You should know the routine by now.

We begin this book in class on Friday (1/13/17). Reading, Quiz, and Discussion Forum Schedule is posted on the Agenda for any day that involves the book in some way. I posted a trailer for one of the movie versions to the Required Viewing page if you're interested. 

If you are unable to procure a copy on your own, I need an email or note from a parental unit asking to check out a copy. I'm happy to do so on a first come, first serve basis. 

Preparing for Next Semester (Pre-AP)

Second Semester we'll turn to Oklahoma History. The content will shift, but the basic expectations and grading are the same. You will be expected to handle more reading on your own, and we'll work on formal argumentative writing. Good times!

If you're from a Santa-ish family, you should add the following items to the TOP of your Xmas list. If you're not, I guess you just have to ask a parental unit to hook you up the old-fashioned way...


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