Discussion Forum Grades

I graded these all at once, so the grades may not be entered in the same order you made the posts. I realize this means it's not immediately clear which grade you received for which post, but hopefully you'll be able to sort that out be asking yourself a few questions about any less-than-stellar grade:

Did you say something new in the thread? Did what you wrote add to the discussion in a meaningful way?

Did you meet the requirements of the prompt - especially in terms of quotes from the book, etc.?

Skills Grades

For any SKILLS Grade for a Dialectic Journal which is less than 100%, you may choose one of the chapters (not just sections) in either the AA or OK textbooks which deal with the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, or the New Deal, and do a proper DJ over this chapter for Skills Credit. There will be no 'late' penalty, but it does have to be in the proper format and look pretty good for full credit.

Waiving Your Final (Updated)

Here are the requirements for waiving the semester test in this class:

* You didn't waive MY semester test first semester

* You have an 'A' in all 3 categories (or both categories for 2nd Hour) as of May 28th.

There's supposed to be an attendance component, but I'm not particularly faithful regarding taking attendance, so most of you meet that whether you've been here or not. Sorry.

Let's Talk About the Populists

In my brilliant lectures, I told you the Populist Party (the one running WJB in 1896 and 1900) had 5 basic goals:

1) Government Regulation of Railroads - RRs would give big businesses or large farms better rates, due to their reliability and the quantity they'd ship. The Populists argued this made it all but impossible for small farmers to compete. They wanted the government to set equal rates for everyone. This was either very fair or absolutely ridiculous and an intrusion on the free market, depending on who you asked. 

Slather Me In Shame & Call Me Sally

OK - I'll confess I was a bit surprised at just how badly so many of you did on this recent test. I mean, it was open homework and open note, and questions like 'what did they call Black Soldiers on the Great Plains' are just not real brain-busters. Add the fact that I posted the entire test over the weekend for you to prepare after begging and harrassing you for a week to pay more attention to the Class Website, and I'm at a loss.

New Required Viewing Posted (Videos)

Normally I'd include something about the time of year and how if you're going to pass this class you need to  be thinking about this or doing that, but let's be honest - despite my ongoing insistence, only about a third of you will read this website or watch these videos no matter what I say - and you're the ones doing well anyway. So I'll spare you the exhortations.

New videos are posted. They'll make class easier. I'd start at the bottom and work your way up for a slightly more semi-chronological order.

Remaining Reading (updated)

I've posted the 'Project Options' for your Approved Book of Choice. You can find them on the Agenda for Monday, March 30th, or on the DOCS page. Due April 20th. 

Some of you have asked what other books we're reading this semester. I haven't decided exactly what to do for 2nd hour, but for all other hours - the Intro to Pre-AP and Pre-AP classes - we have two books left.

April 6th - 20th

The basic plan for the next two weeks is this: CONTENT. Some book work, some lecture, maybe a quiz or two to keep us honest and on track. You also have a project over your Approved Book of Choice due on April 20th.


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