Redoing COATS / Political Cartoons

As you know, SKILLS grades are worth 1/3 of your overall grade. Since the COATS assessment is the first SKILLS grade of the semester, it can have a disparate impact on your overall grade - good or bad. 

If you did not do well, the Redo Instructions are on this week's and next week's Agenda. Email me or come see me in RAO or before/after school with any questions. 

Miss Representation

On October 13th & 14th (the M/T before Fall Break), we'll be watching a documentary in class called Miss Representation. It explores portrayals of women in media and how these portrayals shape consumerism, politics, and interpersonal relationships. 

LOTF Discussion Forum Grades

You'll supposedly be able to check your grades online soon, but if not I'll hand out updated reports early this week. Some of you will no doubt have questions about the grades you received for your online discussion posts regarding Lord of the Flies.

> I may not have graded the posts in the same order you posted them. I didn't start recording grades until after the board was closed, and whatever I'm calling the first post is the one of yours I saw first. 

Fixing It

I recognize that it's a new year, new expectations, and all that. So, for about another week, if your grade is suffering because you haven't done the weekly agenda - DO IT, and show me at an appropriate time. If you haven't gone over the syllabus with a parental unit and turned the last page into me - DO IT, and turn it in. If you did less-than-amazing on the Land Paraphrases - REDO IT, and turn it back in with a note to that effect.

If something's not perfect at this point, FIX IT.

Your grade is entirely up to you.

Twitter / Facebook

I've created a Twitter account and Facebook group for class announcements and reminders. Neither are required, and everything you are required to know, do, have, etc., will still be HERE on the Class Website. What I WILL do, however, is send out reminders and periodic things I find interesting or amusing that relate in some way to class this year.

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