My Log In! My Log In! I've Lost My Log In!

Because it's sometimes a bit of a stretch between Discussion Board assignments, and because some of us are not particularly well organized, many of you have indicated you no longer have any idea how to Log In to this website in order to access Forums (on the left side of the screen near the bottom).  For whatever reason, the steps that allow me to reset your password don't seem to work more than about half the time, so I suggest if you have this problem you email me with a request to delete your account.

We're Off To See The Wizard...

In a few weeks we'll begin reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (L. Frank Baum).  That will give many of you a chance to transition from complaining about how long and boring books about history are to whining about why we'd read something that has nothing to do with Oklahoma History. :-)

Flipping The Classroom

Some of you may have heard the term 'flipped classroom' before. It's the idea that rather than focus primarily on teaching you during the school day, then sending you home to do some sort of work or practice involving what's been taught, students should be expected to absorb the basic content at home on their own (through assigned videos, readings, etc.) then practice using that information in class where the teacher is present to support you and answer questions.

Decisions Decisions Decisions

I thought it worth noting that so far this semester, it's almost impossible to have less than 100% unless you've put some effort into avoiding everything I ask you to do. Every quiz has either been available in advance or allowed you to make a bookmark for full credit, the few completion assignments require only, well... completion.  It's really rather embarrassing that I've let you have it so easy. Perhaps my holiday spirit has lingered too long.

Back To School

Second Semester begins January 6th with an Agenda Check. The Agenda should be posted by New Year's Day. We'll begin True Grit on January 16th. As usual, you are expected to procure a copy of your own before then, or have a parent call or email me requesting one for you to check out.  I have many, but probably not enough for everyone, so get on this NOW.  Barnes & Noble across from WHM should have a number of them under my name behind the counter, but of course you may get it in any form you wish from whomever you choose.

Checking Your Grades Online

OMG! My 102% has dropped to a 94%!!! Instead of asking Mr. Koehn about it, I'm going to complain about him to my Mom!

Here are the official instructions for students wishing to check their grades online.  It's a bit convoluted, but that's the gradebook program more than it is a problem with the instructions.  Just breathe and walk through it.

Great news!  Our students now have the same opportunity to view their grades through our student/parent portal that our parents have.  Students may pull up the Union web page,, and see the link to PARENT ON-LINE.   

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