Miss Representation

On October 17th & 18th, the week of Fall Break, we will be taking two days in class to watch the documentary Miss Representation. I want to take a moment ahead of time to explain why, and to give you a chance to discuss this with a parental unit if you believe they may have questions or concerns about this viewing BEFORE we get there.  

Required Viewing (Videos)

See that link to 'Videos' somewhere on this page?

Yeah, just a reminder that MOST of these are REQUIRED VIEWING. In other words, you should watch them - maybe several times. You will be expected to know and understand the material covered therein. 

What Can I Do To Raise My Grade?

Well, the first and most obvious answer is simple: you can do your work. Read the books. Complete the assignments. Pay attention in class so you know what's going on. That kind of thing. 

If you're doing that, and want to improve a few past specifics, you may do so until Monday, Sept. 26th. 

The Client (John Grisham)

When we finish Lord of the Flies, we'll being reading The Client (John Grisham). 

You should begin making arrangements to procure a copy of this book for yourself. Barnes & Noble by Woodland Hills Mall has them set back in my name, but you can get it anywhere and any way that you like, new or used, hard copy or electronic. 

LOTF Discussion Forum

Pre-AP Classes will start Lord of the Flies (W. Golding) this week. Part of the requirements for this book include participating in our Class Discussion Forums. The details of how to do that are covered in the Forum itself, but since this is the first time you've used the Class Discussion Forum, you'll need to Register.

Instructions / Documents

Recently posted to the DOCS page are three things of which you should be aware. 

First, Campus Portal instructions. This explains how you can check your grade online in real time. Because the district has gone to a great deal of trouble to make sure you have this ability, I will not distribute paper grade reports under normal circumstances. While you are always welcome to ask questions ABOUT your grade, you should come to me fully armed with the information already readily available to you.

Mr. Koehn's Class Webpage

The Learning Happens In The Struggle

You've found it, it seems.

Most of this site is self-explanatory. The Syllabus can be found by selecting 'Syllabus' from the Main Menu, and the Agenda for each week can be located under 'Agenda'. Great system, yes?

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