APWH Exam Review

Starting this coming week, I'll be here on M/W after school from 3:00 - 4:00 for APWH review. I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING SPECIFIC PREPARED FOR THIS FIRST WEEK, but it's a good time to quiz one another on vocab, work through various review books, etc.  I will be available to answer questions - when I can. 

Unit Five Exams

So I gave you these back to review and discuss, to make corrections and to justify your answers. I asked you to take them home, "fix" them, justify the changes - or at least some of them - and bring them back with a final score on them. 

About HALF of you either did this or opted not to do it because you'd done pretty well already. The other half simply turned them back in "as is" - no justifications, no explanations, not even a final score on the front. 

I can't tell you how frustrating this is. 

Review Materials / Quick-Writes / Quizzes

Between Spring Break and the APWH Exam on May 17th, we'll be pushing through Time Period #6 rather rapidly while at the same time reviewing the previous five time periods as best we can. I've lifted some 'Chapter Summaries' and slideshows I like quite a bit, and will be posting them for your perusal. The 'Chapter Summaries' correspond to someone else's textbook, so they won't line up exactly with yours, but they're very good overviews of the key time periods and various peoples we’ve covered this year.

Scheduling Results

The votes were about 2-to-1 in favor of 'B'. That being said, there were many people very much wishing to stick with 'A' - mostly because of the 'Spring Break' issue. Many of you have other commitments that week or other reasons that 'playing school' would prove impractical. 

We're going to go with 'B', but without the work over Spring Break. We'll just have to get through Time Period #6 as best we can when we return. The rest of this you may or may not care about, so feel free to stop reading and move on with your evening. 


Options - A Rare Burst of Class Democracy

Currently... (Option A):

* "Collapse of the Ottomans..." Article / Qs due Friday (3/16)

* Notes 27 & 28 due Monday (3/19)

* Time Period #5 Exam Friday (3/23)

* Begin Time Period #6 Monday (3/26)

* Spring Break Begins Monday (4/2)


(Option B)

* "Collapse of the Ottomans..." Article / Qs due Monday (3/19)

* Notes 27 & 28 due Friday (3/23)

* Time Period #5 Exam Friday (3/30)

* Begin Time Period #6 with Assignments Over Spring Break (4/2)

Trimester Exams (?)

Well, as of Wednesday evening we're on another 2-hour delay tomorrow, and may end up not having school at all (although THAT seems unlikely). That means at best we'll have a shorter time for Trimester Exams than planned, and at worse they'll somehow get packed into Friday or bumped to Monday or dear golly jeepers something worse.

Letters to APWH Kids at Parkland

Diane Rogers is an APWH teacher at Parkland (Florida - where the most recent shooting happened). She's asking for APWH students around the country / world who are so inclined to consider sending letters of support and encouragement to her kids, since they have to come back to school soon and try to finish the year together. Rather than emails or social media, she's looking to the power of actual hand-written notes and letters in envelopes with stamps on them. For realsies. (If you are so inclined, your parents can probably talk you through how "mail" works.)

2nd Trimester Exam

Your Trimester Exam will cover stuff we've done, read, and watched since the Unit Four Multiple Choice AP-Style Exam. That would include...

* Chapter 24 in your textbook

* Required Viewing for February 2018

* Anything we've done in class

* The Five Themes and various responses to the Discussion Forum related to them

* China Friday Videos 1 & 2

February Anticipated Calendar

I'll have a rough outline of February (or at least through the end of this trimester) up by this weekend. They've moved the end of the trimester up a week, and we've kinda taken this week to do the timeline review, work on our essay writing, and focus on other things, but don't worry - we'll be going full speed again soon.

I know you're relieved.


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