True Grit (Charles Portis)

The first book we'll be reading this semester is True Grit by Charles Portis. You should procure a copy before Friday, January 30th and bring it to class that day. If you need to check out a copy from me, I need an email from a parental unit - sooner rather than later. I have some to check out, but not unlimited quantities.

Gonna Be Livin' in a Brand New State

It's a new semester. Everything starts over. If you weren't happy with your grade last semester, do things differently. If you were happy, keep doing things the same way.

We'll be putting on our collective big boy panties this semester and pretending we're in high school. Things will move a bit faster, there will be less of me stopping everything to try to drag along the stragglers, and more of the onus will be on YOU to address any mistakes, concerns, confusion, etc.

Semester Test Reflections

As I write this, I'm only about 2/3 through grading 1st Semester Tests, but as I enter final grades a few things jump out at me that I thought I'd get down before leaving for break and drifting away for awhile...

The biggest thing is that most of you did pretty well on the Semester Test. Very few were perfect, but many of them were pretty good. Most of you did better on the Prompts than you did on the Documents/APARTY, so we'll need to work on that more when we come back.

Checking Your Grades

To the best of my knowledge, all grading is now current and entered in the online gradebook. Given the unexpected delays, and the limited time remaining, you should check your grades online NOW and look over the details for each to verify they are correct. Don't come in to ask me WHAT your grade is or WHY you have a 78% - you should be able to figure that part out. DO email, DM, or come in to discuss the G.O. you turned in but shows as a '0' or the document redo you thought was pretty good. 

Semester Test Review & Test

Semester Test Reviews for All Classes are posted. In class on Monday you will be given an 8.5 x 11 blank sheet of paper color-coded by class. This is your 'cheat sheet' for the Semester Test. Anything you want on it, as long as it's hand-written by you, is yours to use on the test, along with your Pocket Constitution of course.

So, About That Skills Grade...

As I explained early in the semester, and as is covered in your Syllabus, Skills are 1/3 of your semester grade. There aren't many of them, so they carry great weight. The flip side of that is that you can attempt them as often as you need to master them. Which is where the problem seems to come in for some of you...

It's Back

As you know, evil bad Commie geeks exploited a security lapse in the -

You know what? It doesn't matter. The fact is, the website done got kilt. Now it's unkilt. While much of the past content was salvaged by my in-house webxpert, I've opted to simply delete it all and start clean. If there's something specific you're looking for but can't find, email me and ask. Use both addies - AND This will increase the chance I'll get back to you quickly.

Checking Your Grade Online

The district has gone to some pains to make it possible for you to check your grades online. Given the proliferation of computers in my classroom, throughout this building, in public libraries, and pretty much everywhere, there's no reason for you not to know what your grade is and why at all times. I am therefore unlikely to answer questions along the lines of "what's my grade?" or "why is it so low?" and will merely point you to the nearest computer in hopes of inculcating a 'solution-oriented' mindset.

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