Fixing It

I recognize that it's a new year, new expectations, and all that. So, for about another week, if your grade is suffering because you haven't done the weekly agenda - DO IT, and show me at an appropriate time. If you haven't gone over the syllabus with a parental unit and turned the last page into me - DO IT, and turn it in. If you did less-than-amazing on the Land Paraphrases - REDO IT, and turn it back in with a note to that effect.

If something's not perfect at this point, FIX IT.

Your grade is entirely up to you.

Twitter / Facebook

I've created a Twitter account and Facebook group for class announcements and reminders. Neither are required, and everything you are required to know, do, have, etc., will still be HERE on the Class Website. What I WILL do, however, is send out reminders and periodic things I find interesting or amusing that relate in some way to class this year.

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